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Taxpayer Law

Tax disputes are all we do.
Our Firm

Taxpayer Law is focused on tax disputes. Our team of tax lawyers has decades of combined experience in tax law. This depth of experience means we understand the intricacies of tax law and the nuances of effectively navigating tax disputes.

Our focus on tax disputes allows us to cultivate innovative, tailored strategies for CRA Audits, CRA Appeals, and the Tax Court of Canada. Our approach is direct and transparent—we provide clear, straightforward guidance, offering our clients effective strategies for success.

Our commitment to tax law means that we are continually thinking outside the box, not just reiterating standard practices. Our unique insights allow us to anticipate issues and craft creative arguments.

At Taxpayer Law, you gain a partner who is thoroughly versed in the complexities of tax disputes and wholly dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Legal Representation from Audit to Tax Court

A knowledgeable tax litigation lawyer in your corner could make all the difference to your tax dispute. If you are facing a CRA audit, assessment of tax, or simply seeking guidance through your tax dispute, you have come to the right place.

Swiftly and efficiently addressing your tax issues could help you reassert control and gain certainty.


  • Igor and his team did an amazing job for me with my CRA audit. On the first call he was very direct and honest. It did feel that he was trying to help me and save me money. He was very thorough and methodical. I felt very comfortable with him. At the end, his guidance won the day. I can’t begin to describe how much money and anxiety Igor and his team saved me. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.

    – I.M – Investment Advisor
  • My thanks to you and everyone at the firm. I’m trying to clean things up so that 2024 will be an easier year financially. I told you on my first call that I just needed some time and you and your colleagues delivered beyond my expectations.

    – J.M – In-House Counsel

    Taxpayer Law

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