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Igor Kastelyanets

Tax Lawyer / Principal

Igor is recognized for his expertise and strategic acumen in tax litigation. Prior to Taxpayer Law, Igor was a partner at a prominent Bay Street firm in Toronto. In 2023, Igor transitioned from his role at a large firm to lead Taxpayer Law.

After being called to the Bar in Ontario in 2014, Igor dedicated himself to the niche field of tax disputes. His approach to tax litigation is akin to a competitive sport, where each case is an opportunity to strategize and navigate through the intricacies of the law. 

Igor’s commitment to tax law has earned him the trust and respect of numerous accountants, lawyers, and professionals, who frequently seek his counsel in complex tax matters. His approach not only involves rigorous legal tactics but also a commitment to achieving practical, winning outcomes for those he represents.


  • University of Toronto, JD


  • University of Western Ontario, B.A. Honours


Reported Decisions

Speaking Engagements

  • Speaker, MNP LLP, An Introduction to Audits, Objections, and Tax Court of Canada

  • Speaker, GTAAN/GTFAN, Representing Your Clients Through the Tax Dispute Resolution Process

  • Speaker, GTAAN/GTFAN, Tax Court of Canada and Recent Cases of Interest