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Benjamin Isaak

Tax Lawyer

Ben is a tax lawyer, admitted to the Bar in Ontario in 2023. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ben had several years of experience in tax services. His initial work at a small tax preparation firm allowed him to develop essential skills in maximising tax efficiencies for clients, which he continued to refine through his legal studies and subsequent practice.

Ben represents clients in their disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), providing well-considered advice and support. Ben brings a detailed and methodical approach to navigating the complexities of tax law, advocating effectively for his clients’ interests. His commitment is to provide clear, strategic guidance that not only resolves current disputes but also secures his clients’ financial well-being.

Outside of his professional life, Ben leads an active lifestyle that includes hiking, swimming, and engaging in mentally stimulating activities like escape rooms. He prioritises spending time with his family, ensuring a well-rounded personal and professional existence.


  • University of Ottawa, JD (cum laude)


  • Queen’s University, B.A. (Honours)